Strathfield South High School Phone Number
Welcome to Strathfield South High School

Strathfield South High School is a comprehensive,

co-educational high school in the Strathfield area where all students are encouraged to

“make learning their first aim”

The school works with its community to support students in practicing the school motto: Integrity. The school is comprehensive in its approach, building students’ academic, social, cultural and sporting skills to develop young men and women who are valued citizens.

The culture of the school is firmly based on the following:

1. Academic achievement where students strive to achieve their personal best.

2. The school’s values:
a. Respect for oneself, for learning and for other people. 
b. Honesty in the school and the wider community 
c. Diligence in all aspects of school but especially learning 
d. Care and concern for others 
e. Responsibility for the school, its facilities and the environment both inside and outside the school

3. Wearing of the school uniform daily, in sport and in the practical rooms

4. Extra curricula activities which provide students involved with rewarding activities outside the

classroom in areas such as sport, band, choir and debating.

The school receives additional funding through the Priority Schools Program and has a Hearing Support Unit that allows for integration of students in an oral setting.Welcome to our school.

The student body is made up of 42% girls to 58% boys of a total population of 694 students. Many students are “out-of-area” enrolments with parents choosing to send their children to Strathfield South High School because of its good reputation within the surrounding community. A large number of students are from Chullora and Greenacre. Other students come from Strathfield, Auburn, Revesby, Ashfield, Liverpool, Belmore and Campsie. The majority of students travel to and from the school each day by bus.

The student body comprises 81% of non-English speaking background, with 21% being Arabic and a growing Asian population, which currently stands at 22% - Korean and Chinese and Vietnamese being significant. A growing number of international students are choosing Strathfield South as their school with approximately 67 students in 2010. A separate section gives greater information for prospective international students