Strathfield South High School Phone Number
School Counsellor

The school receives counsellor support for 3.5 days per week. The counsellor provides guidance to individuals and small groups of students who are experiencing difficulties at school. The counsellor is also an integral part of the Student Welfare Team providing guidence in establishing and supporting appropriate wefare programs.The school has strong links with many community organisations and referrs parents and students to seek support with these organisations on a regular basis. These organisations include Canterbury and Croyden Community Health Centre, Rosemount support programs at Marrickville, the GATE program at Granville TAFE and Rivendell Child and Adolescent Unit. Appointments can be made with the counsellor by ringing the front office. Bookings are essential.


Listed below are some websites that may prove helpful when dealing with difficult issues


Depression. Beyondblue: The National Depression Initiative.


Blackdog Institute

Bullying No Way. Australian School Communities Getting to the Heart of the Matter.

Kids Help Line is Australia's only free, confidential and anonymous, 24-hour telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between five and 18.

 Streetwize Communications is a leading national not for profit social communications agency specialising in researching and communicating social issues to young people, Indigenous communities and people of a culturally and linguistically diverse background and other hard to reach groups.